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9 sided dice another world is possible

Something for geeky geeks. A dungeons and dragons game set in the Occupy movement. Fight off were-pigs, vicious trolls, security zombies, and vampire bankers.

Occupy Dungeons and Dragons

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'll include them in the text. This is a modified DnD campaign, since DnD 3.5 is now open source. Unless anyone suggests a better rule set.


Races are replaced by classes, which are: Homeless; lumpen-proletariat; proletariat; and petite-bourgeoisie. The Homeless get bonus points in food acquisition. Lumpen get points in violence. Proles get points in construction. Petite-bourgeoisie get points in bureaucracy. Healing is done via eating. So classes/ideologies that produce food can be considered healers.


DnD classes are replaced by ideologies. There are three main ideologies in Occupy: Liberalism; Leninism; Libertarianism; Lifestylists; Fascists; and Black-Hats. Each of these ideologies is sub-divided into strands. Liberals can be single issue enthusiasts, social democrats, true liberals. Leninists can be Stalinists, Troskyists, or Maoists. Libertarians can be punks, anarcho-syndicalists, or market-libertarians. Lifestylists can be Hippies, Goths, Heavily Medicated, Academics, Zeitgeisters, Revolutionary Christians, Conspiracy Realists, or Yoga Teachers. Fascists can be Agrarian Socialists, or La Rouchians. Blackhats are Anonymous and Intelligence Agents.

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9 sided dice another world is possible