• Level 1: Black Bloc Riot. The Anarchist can not be detained by the forces of Law for 5 turns. All liberals turn hostile.

  • Level 2: Sabotage. The targets weapon breaks.

  • alt Level 2: Molotov Cocktail: The Anarchist gets a free molotov cocktail

  • Level 3: Build Barricade. Party get defensive bonus.

  • Level 4; ¡No Pasarán! The Anarchist goes into a beserker rage. 15% bonus on attacks. There is a 15% chance of attacking an allied non-libertarian. There is a 5% chance of attacking an allied libertarian.

  • Level 5: General Strike. The working class take over the means of production. All enemies are paralysed for 1 day.

    Cnt fai black star

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